Future Active House

A house whose technology and atmosphere can inspire future green buildings. That is the aim of Future Active House − a family home that comprises timeless design, a sense of connectedness to Norway’s stunning natural landscape, and myriad solutions for reducing energy consumption.

The Future Active House in Norway, completed in 2012, was the country’s second Active House. Located about 600 km from the Arctic Circle, the home is situated on the south-facing mountainside in the village of Stjørdal, near Trondheim, and is surrounded by mountains. The weather here ranges from mild, bright summers to winters with heavy snowfall and long nights.

The Future Active House showcases innovative solutions in a modern family home. It takes a holistic approach to the interaction between energy, indoor climate and environment, demonstrating that energy efficiency is compatible with a healthy, comfortable living space that enables its residents to make active use of the surrounding nature and local community. 

Architects Geir Brendeland and Olav Kristoffersen developed and designed the house, in close cooperation with energy consultants, with a focus on reducing emissions and minimising use of non-renewable resources. In design terms, the Future Active House pairs a timeless exterior with a light, simple and flexible interior.

We wanted the house to have a strict, modern, Nordic attitude on the outside, but to be bright and colourful on the inside,

says Geir Brendeland.

The house is equipped with both facade windows and roof windows. 

When you have light coming in from all directions, the residents can sense the progression of the day. They can feel the rhythm of nature and seasons, Brendeland adds.