VELUX Over the Ridge Combi Solution

Let daylight deep into your home by opening your roof along the ridge with roof windows to create an amazing one-of-a-kind centrepiece.

The VELUX Over the Ridge Combi Solution sits on the ridgeline of your roof to provide natural daylight and impressive views throughout the day. This premium solution features multiple roof windows installed in an inverted V-formation that matches the pitch of your roof for a totally unique look. VELUX Over the Ridge lets in more natural daylight to your home, increasing the feeling of space and openness. The solution improves your view to the outdoors, giving you impressive views to the sky and outdoors.

Benefits at a glance

  • Provides an amazing view to the sky and outdoors
  • Brings light further into and redefines the look and feel of your home
  • Installation is seamlessly integrated into the roof
  • Can be combined with VELUX INTEGRA and VELUX Active for remote-controlled or automated convenience
  • Comes ready for easy installation of VELUX sun protection products

Product Details

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  • Package contents

    The VELUX Over the Ridge Combi Solution is module-based and tailored to each individual installation. Your tailored package comes complete with everything your craftsman needs to create a perfect installation. The package includes:

    High-quality VELUX roof windows
    Over the Ridge Combi Solution connecting flashings
    All necessary installation materials and rafters. 

  • Size and price

     All prices shown in the overview are MSRP without installation and are rounded to the nearest full Euro. For further information please contact your local VELUX sales office or installer. These certified craftsmen are also your contact for on-site consultation. 

  • Frame materials

    3 materials to choose from

    Choose between windows in high-quality plastic or wood. VELUX windows in wood are available either in white or in a clear varnished finish.

  • Accessories

    Shutters and Sun-screening products

    VELUX has a full selection of roller shutters, heat protection awnings, pleated blinds, blinds or blinds, insect screens and blackout blinds that are designed specifically for your new roof windows. Choose the VELUX sun protection that meets your exact needs from our comprehensive product range. The products can be easily installed using VELUX’s innovative and easy-to-use Pick & Click!® system.

  • Roof Pitch Information

    The VELUX Over the Ridge Combi Solution window combination can be installed in roof pitch ranges from 15° to 55°.

    For roof pitch ranges from 55° to 75°, please refer to our separate instructions (PDF).

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