It’s vital that your home is designed to give you and your family the best everyday life possible, especially when considering you will spend about 90% of your life indoors. Start by rethinking how light and air shapes your living spaces.

Brighten your home with natural light and improve air quality by adding roof windows to the rooms that matter most. Natural lighting not only upgrades the look and feel of a room but also has several health benefits. Studies show that healthy living spaces combat fatigue, stress and respiratory illnesses while boosting learning capabilities in children and adults alike. Over time, roof windows could help you cut down on your energy consumption too. Instead of flicking switches and changing light bulbs, you could be opening windows to fill your home with golden rays of daylight. Read on to discover how roof windows could improve your home.

Discover how natural lighting could upgrade your favourite room.

Discover how the right window could transform your home

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Build a Home That Will Last Generations

Designing sustainable and energy efficient homes is not just a matter of trimming the electrical bill, but instead building homes that will reduce our global energy footprint and provide healthy living spaces for generations to come.

It’s staggering how much energy is spent in homes. Buildings account for more than 1/3 of energy used in Europe and thus play a major role in our planet’s future, especially when considering that most of today’s inefficient buildings will be used by the next generation too.

It’s essential that we plan for the future, most of all when we design our homes. The challenge is combining healthy and sustainable living in new buildings. Take the opportunity to consider how natural lighting and better airflow might reduce the need for electrical lighting and air-conditioning, all the while providing healthier indoor spaces for future generations. Remember, change begins at home.


of Europe’s energy is used in buildings


of existing buildings are not energy efficient


of European homes have been changed to save energy within the last five years